Natural Fancy Colored Diamonds

What Are Natural Fancy Color Diamonds?

Natural Fancy Colored Diamonds are rare and unique diamonds with a naturally occurring pink, blue, yellow, brown or green hue are discovered. The presence of different colors in a diamond is often due to differences in the structure or the existence of other elements in the crystal of the carbon structure.


How Are Natural Fancy Color Diamonds Graded?

Natural Fancy Color Diamonds are graded according to the 4C’s however their value primarily comes from their color intensity. Due to high demand and limited supply, Natural Fancy Color Diamonds are priced higher than colorless diamonds.

What Are Hue, Tone and Saturation?

Diamonds with deep and intense shades are rated higher than lighter colored diamonds. TheGemological Institute of America (GIA) grades color in terms of hue, tone and saturation.

  • Hue is the diamonds color

  • Tone describes the lightness or darkness

  • Saturation refers to the color’s depth


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