Insurance Adjusters

When your diamond goes missing or in the unfortunate case that your diamond jewelry was stolen, we understand that you have suffered a loss. At Raiman Rocks, our goal is to help you recover this loss as quickly and hassle-free as possible.

When you work with us and your diamond jewelry insurance company to replace your diamond, we will make sure that the process is simple and fast, ensuring you get your replacement diamond as quickly as possible.

  • We will work with your insurer to replace your diamond fast!
  • We will bill the insurance company directly so you do not need to use cash or personal assets during the replacement process.
  • We will find that right replacement diamond for you and ensure that you are satisfied with the diamond before it is set into your jewelry.

You will need to:

  1. Inform your insurance company that you wish to replace your diamond through Raiman Rocks.
  2. Follow your insurance companies claims submission procedure.
  3. Contact Raiman Rocks and provide us with your Insurance Claim Number


Once you provide Raiman Rocks with your Insurance Claim Number, we will handle the rest!

Please contact our replacement division at 818-224-2222 or email to schedule an appointment or to discuss how we can assist with your replacement.

Why Raiman Rocks?

– Fast quotes. Superior service. Fast replacement time.

– As diamond dealers with vast connections all over the world, Raiman Rocks is able to source you the perfect diamond replacement at the right price.

– Raiman Rocks has been working with insurance companies for many years and have long-standing relationships with many major insurance companies.

Are You Outside The Los Angeles Area?

No problem! We will contact the insurance company on your behalf and conduct the replacement process with constant approval from you throughout the process. Once your replacement is ready, we will ship it directly to you by a fully bonded and insured carrier, with next day delivery!


Raiman Rocks will make sure that you are 100% satisifed with your replacement, and will take the hassle out of the process!