How to Buy an Engagement Ring?

How to Buy an Engagement Ring?

Buying the perfect engagement ring that she’ll love can be a challenge. Here are some tips:

  1. Ask your girlfriend’s friends for some tips about cut and style.
  2. Know your girlfriend’s size. You can borrow a ring from her jewelry box and use a pencil and a piece of paper to trace the inside of the ring, and bring that to the jeweler.
  3. Know the 4 c’s.


The four Cs
You may know your girlfriend’s taste as far as her favorite cut and style. If you don’t, ask her friends may to tip you in the right direction.

Here is a short description of the four c’s:

Clarity: This refers to the stone’s imperfections, which include mineral deposits and fractures in the diamond. Most of the clarity imperfections are too small to be seen with the necked eye, so you don’t need to invest in the highest clarity.

Color: White diamonds range from colorless to yellow. The colorless the diamond such as – D,E, or F, the more expensive it is.

Cut: Cut is all about personal taste. Hopefully you know what your girlfriend likes: Round, princess, emerald, pear, marquise, radiant, heart, asscher, cushion, etc. Some shapes reflect light better than others.

Carat: That’s the weight of the Diamond. The bigger the diamond, the more carat it has, the more expensive it is. The average for an engagement ring is about one carat. The size of the carat you choose will be directly related to your budget.

When you buy an engagement ring you want everything to be perfect. As for the ring’s setting you’ll have to decide which is your girlfriend’s favorite. Most popular and economical is the  prong setting. As for the metal it’s gold, white gold, rose gold, and platinum. White gold is very popular, but yellow gold is considered a classic.


Engagement ring – Diamond Insurance

  • After you buy the dream ring, you’ll want to buy a diamond Insurance.
  • You can buy it as an extension to your homeowners or rental insurance. You’ll need a professional appraisal.

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