How It Works


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We will be able to give you a ballpark quote for your diamond jewelry after you complete the following form. Once the form is competed, one of our GIA Certified diamond buyers will be in contact with you.


At Raiman Rocks Diamond Buyers, you can:

  1. Visit our Calabasas, CA office for an in-person drop-off and evaluation, or
  2. Email us your information and Raiman Rocks Diamond Buyers will pay for a fully bonded and insured FedEx shipping label. This will allow you to send us your diamond or diamond jewelry at no cost, and with zero risk, for a firm cash offer.

Shipping Your Items

  1. Email us your informaiton to
  2. One of our GIA Certififed diamond buyers will connect with you to discuss your diamond.
  3. Raiman Rocks Diamond Buyers provides a free, fully bonded and insured FedEx shipping label.
  4. If no deal is made, Raiman Rocks Diamond Buyers will ship the diamond back to you via a fully bonded and insured FedEx label, at no cost to you with no questions asked.


All diamonds that are shipped to and from Raiman Rocks Diamond Buyers are fully insured and covered by our insurance company.

In the rare event that a diamond is in a bank or a vault and the customers does not wish to send the diamond, we will be happy to make arrangements to come inspect the diamond at it’s current location.