Estate Inventory & Evaluations

Diamond & Estate Jewelry Inventory & Evaluations

Raiman Rocks provides estate inventory and evalaution services on diamonds, diamond jewelry and estate jewelry for a variety of reaons. Often families need this service in order to see what the estate contains in regards to diamonds, jewels and jewelry and to receive a detailed evaluation of each item’s current market value.

This process can assist families:

  • Preparing their estate for an estate sale
  • Provide information that can be used for tax deduction purposes or estate income taxes
  • Attornys or trust companies may need this information on the estate for a variety of reasons
  • Dividing an inheritance by allocating a value to the diamond, jewelry and jewel assets

Our estate inventory and evaluation process will compile a detailed list of all diamond, diamond jewelry and estate jewelry over or under a dollar threshold amout and also have the ability to perform certified appraisals during this service.

Our Estate Inventory & Evalaution service is completely customizable and can be adapted to fit your personal needs.


Raiman Rocks will travel to any location in order to provide Estate Inventory & Evaluation Services for our customers.