Diamond Upgrades & Trade-In Values

Many people use Raiman Rocks services when they are interested in upgrading a diamond ring to something larger, or electing to recevie a trade-in value when they would like to purchase another Raiman Rocks diamond jewlery piece.

Customers choose to upgrade or trade-in their diamond jewelry for various reasons.

  • Diamond jewelry designs go out of style and personal tastes may change
  • Reflect a change in social or financial status
  • Upgrading from old, inherited estate jewlery to something new
  • A desire to add a fancy color diamond to their current colorless diamond collection

In order to get the best evaluation for your diamond upgrade or trade-in, customers should:

  • Provide Raiman Rocks with any previous appraisals, evaluations or receipts for the diamond jewlery
  • Keep and provide with the sale any original boxes, packaging or information that was included with your diamond jewelry purchase.
  • Allow Raiman Rocks to conduct a physical inspection of your diamond, diamond and estate jewelry

Whatever the reason, we provide our customers with the absolute highest values on their current diamond jewlery pieces in order to get the best diamond upgrade and trade-in value.