Diamond Jewelry Appraisals

Raiman Rocks offers our customers appraisals on their loose diamonds, diamond and estate jewelry, as well as jewels and gemstones. Our GIA Certified experts practice honest grading, ensuring that you get the correct evaluation of your diamond to reflect an accurate value.

We go to great lengths to ensure that our customers have a professional and personalized experience when receiving a diamond appraisal with Raiman Rocks. We understand that appraisals are sometimes needed during stressful and emotional times, and our priority is to ensure that our services are private and quick.

Raiman Rocks provides all clients with an accurate and detailed appraisal for personal property assets, including but not limited to diamonds, diamond and estate jewelry.


We provide both Formal Written Appraisals and Online Appraisals-Photograph Appraisals based on your needs.


What is the right diamond jewelry insurance value?

Insuring your diamond jewelry for the correct replacement value is crucial in the unfortunate event that you need to get a replacement. We can consult you on which jewelery insurance you can purchase and we can also upgrade your appraisal every year to make sure you are insured for the correct amount.